Saturday, October 09, 2010

So much has changed!

So the last post was more than three years ago. There's so much that has changed since then that I am not going trouble myself with listing it all out. I do feel older and wiser. I suppose it would be a shame if you got older and you didn't at least imagine that you had gotten wiser in the process.

I don't have anything in particular to say, but I'll report some of the less significant of the changes that have occurred in the three years since the last post.

I've resumed reading. Books. From cover to cover. What a lovely feeling it is to finish a book, and particularly if it's been a good book. For many years I've been barely reading books. On the rare occasion that I'd start a book, I would almost certainly not finish it. So pathological was my inability to finish a book that I'd read a 500 page book and stop reading it with about ten pages to go. Now I'm finishing more books. And some have been utterly lovely, like Haruki Murakami's "South of the Border, West of the Sun", Simon Singh's "Fermat's Last Theorem", and Greg Milner's "Perfecting Sound Forever".

Speaking of sound, I've acquired a vice in this three year period. It's called audiophilia. I've gone through what can be described as three completely different setups in this period to arrive at the Stereo that I have now and love to pieces. The CD player is a Marantz CD63SE (12 years old, heavily modded with capacitors, op-amps, clock and power supply upgraded), the amplifier a Topping TP20 (that uses the legendary Tripath TA2020 chip) and the speakers are something called the Odyssey Epiphony, designed and made by this chap called Alain Courteau in Canada. It's quite magical what this stereo does with music. If you think this stuff is bunkum and your ipod sounds better then I'd happily invite you home for a listen. And if you persist with your foolish ideas I will look upon you with scorn or pity, or perhaps both.

And speaking of music, I've picked up the guitar again. I have a new Yamaha acoustic guitar, and my old trusty Tansen eletric. A bunch of friends and I have been jamming of late and are calling ourselves a band. It's perhaps a bit premature to call ourselves a band, but we're having a blast making music that we love. We hope to someday write and produce an original musical (a rock opera, if you must). I also composed a few bars of a song, after many many years. It's a happy feeling. I also realise that I've become a slightly better guitarist in the course of this long hiatus. I don't quite know how. But I've decided to teach myself the fundamentals of the guitar, so that I can be a proper guitar player and not just someone with a few random bits of skill.

This was just to get rid of the blogging rust. Maybe I'll post again soon. Or maybe it'll be another three years. (Nothing like some mystery to keep the audience intrigued)

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M said...

Hi there - (of course I HAD to come check this out after your comment on my excuse for a blog - can see you're doing much better though). Good on you re resuming reading, and the Riff Cafe restart - your public waits with baited breath *grin*.
And who knows, perhaps there is life after ennui for the rest of us too.