Monday, January 29, 2007

Thank You (a year in the life of a blog)

Yup, the blog is a year old. 53 posts old (this is the 54th). That's an average of a post a week, although averages can be deceptive, and I've not been anywhere as regular as that, and some posts have been just a line, like the one below. I know this is an excellent opportunity to write a long post about random things that happened in the past year, with a bit of gloss and a dash of glamour, and to make broad sweeping statements about broad sweeping matters. But i'll resist, and just say thank you.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Really cool blog.

I've bookmarked it. Keep up the good,


me said...

And the Thamburatti smiles in response to Perumthachan's folded hands.

Roxana said...

Came here from Mimi's blog...I know curiosity kills, but I cant help asking you what spelling mistake on Mimi's blog entry you are talking about....or is it a grammatical error? I'm sorry,this probably already sounds weird, but I cant seem to find it and I hate worrying my head so much..
You may post the reply here in your comments section.
Thanks :)

Mimi said...

"But i'll resist, and just say thank you."???? You lazy bum!! You just don't want to write...After all these years...I seee right through you nutcase!

Mimi said...

Btw, the extra 'e' in see was to give you the satisfaction that I spelled something pshyco!

N said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to a long can't get away this easily! :)

Smith said...

@spammer - sup?

@me - Adiyan is happy

@roxana - bounce is spelt with an N

@mimi - aye, it's not that, i really said what i wanted to say

@mimi2 - the extra e in see??? where?

@n - thank you, didn't know you still visited! the long post will be posted, i promise.

John said...

Mimi has written bouce instead of bouNce.

girl from kolkata said...

happy blog birthday smithy.

check out "all these things that i've done" by the killers... thats my bday gift for you. :)

Wunderkind said...

congrats!! but yes, a long post does sort of feel a "required" thing on such occasions..

Smith said...

@john - yup!

@gfk - will do as soon as i pay my broadband bill and they restore my net connection, and then they shift it to my new place (verrry complicated)

@wunderkind - hey, didn't know you still read, and i just discovered your blog is active again, excellent! the long post is reserved for when i have some time!

The Happy Lawyer said...

who are these girls? please send them to my blog also. i am also lawyer in corporate firm not from bangalore college tho snoty fucks.

Siddharth Nair said...



oru muzhom varsham!


imagine how big your blog will be in another year's time! her clothes won't fit anymore! she'll lose that adorable lisp.

soon, she'll find a nice young blog and what will you do then? will she still love you? will she still be your little blog?

Young Thos. said...

What if she turns out to be a lesbian blog? o_O

Snake Anthony said...

> to make broad sweeping statements about broad sweeping matters.

Excellently put. And congratulations on completing a year!

PS - I've written a new post on Riff Cafe, btw.

Celia said...

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QueenForTheDay said...

shit. so many days have passed since your birthday.
And still you haven't written anything since then.


Happy Belated birthday in anycase