Saturday, January 06, 2007


They said the man's name was Gold. I don't know if this was in any way connected to his real name, or whether it was some sort of nickname. He came in a poorly maintained yellow Toyota Hilux of indiscernible vintage. He travelled alone and I was surprised to see that he was not flaunting a large automatic weapon as appears to be the fashion in these parts. He was slimmer than I expected, better dressed than I expected, and on the whole failed to live up to my mental image of what a man named Gold ought to look like.

He asked me if I had my papers, and I pulled them out of my folder to hand them to him. He gestured with his left hand to keep them with me. He asked me to get in the van. I got in on the passenger side, and sat gingerly on the grimy rexine seat, which had clearly seen better days. I reached for the seatbelt to discover there wasn't one.

I was surprised to see he made no motion to start the vehicle. Instead he reached under his seat, pulled out a handgun and pointed it at me.

I realised I was fucked. If this were a movie, he'd have hammed a bit and delivered a few lines of dialogue, which would help you understand why exactly it is that I am in this mess. But this is real life, and I'm about to die. Fuck.


Young Thos. said...

How messy for a car owner. :P

Eggs Benedict said...

Very nice Smith. Do go on.
I'm confused. Visited my blog after ages and your comments show up as anonymous. Why's that?

simmi said...

Dear Dear me...

What ever is happening with you?

maybe you should go underground?
one is easily lost in the dark continent.

I will organise for u.
Leave me sign...u know where.

Smith said...

@thos - messy indeed

@eggs - it is a strange thing, it's happening on other people's blogs also. I think it's a government conspiracy to eliminate proof of my existence.

@simmi - roger!

Sharmee said...

well well i wanted to knw if any news on Dhanaulti rocks for this year...i was also there last year...n i wud love to b there this year as well if its happening