Sunday, October 22, 2006

Simmi Post

Simmi, I'm alive and well thank you very much. Was kidnapped by work aliens for a bit, but they've sent me back to earth for Diwali, with a promise to return to captivity on Monday. And since you've given me so many things to write about I thought I might as well!

What is in between heaven and earth?

Ooh deep, I don't do deep very well, I'm shallow you see. So I'll pass this question!

What book would you take to a deserted Island?

The problem with this question is that I almost never re-read books, if i've read it once, it's unlikely i'd want to read it again, and even if i do, I don't enjoy it that much the second time, and in the great world of books that I haven't read, I really don't know what would be worthy of taking to a deserted Island, but if I can do a sneaky lawyerly thing, I'd probably take the Encyclopedia Britannica....since I'd also need material enough to read till I am rescued, and a novel or something of a few hundred pages may not last me long enough.....but leading off from here, I think I'd name my top 5 desert-island discs...not in order (at the moment, it keeps changing):

1) Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
2) Mr. Big - Japandemonium -I (Live in Japan)
3) Dream Theater - Images and Words
4) Queen - A Night at the Opera
5) Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence

Of course, if it weren't so uncool, I'd take 'Best ofs' since they'd have all my favourite songs, and they'd have more songs than single albums...but that's not allowed for Desert Island

Who would you take to a deseted Island?

Hmm....interesting question....there's no one at the moment who occupies the 'love of my life' I'd probably take M, since she was the last occupant...and she's still the closest thing to a 'love of my life' right now.....

Whats your favourite food and post the recipe?

erm....too many things here.....Appam with a Chicken stew or something.......recipe? hahaha.....I know the recipe for nothing!! oh wait I know the recipe for something we once made at the Bappi's place.....we called it the Scarborough'll understand was to serve 5 stoned souls and two sober ones (SS and me)....with lots of bread.....


12 eggs
Thyme (yup.....all of this was available at the Bap's house)


Erm.....beat the eggs together..........put some oil on the pan.......when it gets hot...put onions, chillies and tomato on it......sautee it for a bit.......then pour the eggs over it.....and then dump the parsley, sage , rosemary and thyme.....while singing the canticle in the background.....put salt and pepper to taste......put in some tomato sauce if you are so inclined.....flip it around and stuff.....and it's ready!

Your worst nightmare?

Nothing of note.....

and what do you dream of?

Bizarre things......always bizarre things....never the same things....familiar characters in unfamiliar settings , or unfamiliar characters in familiar settings....always doing incomprehensible things.....with lots of magic and lots of fast movement.....warp-speed.....lots of evil and tragedy......lots of love and excitement......monsters, magicians, ......somtimes it's just some prsosaic events with familiar characters.....with just one vital thing odd.....for instance there's no ground beneath our feet.....or no one's wearing any clothes......or no one has mouths....or something....


The Happy Lawyer said...

Why are you talking of magic, your cooking cooking and all in public? You may attract the wrong kind of girl you know.
Then you earlier said you are shallow. Just stop there and cut out the rest of the post I am telling you.

me said...

You're useless, you didn't even answer all. And you are not supposed to change them around to suit you!!! Aiyye!!

Mimi said...

You cook now???? Lord help us all! lol!!!!!!!

simmi said...

Sound of silence is brilliant.
Appam sounds yummi.

love cooking while dancing, singing (into a spoon)...i believe the food becomes tastyer if.

why r u no longer with M?

I guess the encyclopedia is a good option...have not read a good book for ages.

good to have u back.
did u celebrate diwali?

Sunscreen said...

Finally! A new post atleast....

Smith said...

@happy - aye no wrong kind of girl...this blog is not for mating purpose...for that there is

@me - you are a crocodile....enough said

@mimi - i was forced to cook....because 5 people were stoned and the other guy was a sardar...and we were all very hungry...but the sardar and i sort of made the omelette together!

@simmi - yes sounds of silence is a brilliant album

i don't cook...and i don't dance....hmm!!

oh M, it's just like that...this is the way it's meant to be

i didn't celebrate diwali...chilled out at home...

@sunscreen - yes! and i will post more now....

Wunderkind said...

went back to my blog after ages and saw the comments u had left..thanks :-)
i've decided to revive the blog,as soon as i get time.yeah i have a problem with work-aliens too :-(
keep posting...

The Grunge said...

As the future chef of some hosh posh restaurant...Your Egg Delight will be on top of the Post-Stoned menu...

Anonymous said...

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