Friday, July 07, 2006


Yes, I know it's been ages since I wrote anything. I've been alternatively busy, sick, out of town, and/or combinations of the above. But the good news is that a terrible sinus infection rendered me un-fly-able and I got to spend a lovely weekend in Mumbai (just before the really heavy rains hit). I also got myself a new Sony Ericsson K750i, with which I took some photographs of my beautiful Bombay, to look at fondly while I sit in my village.

The first one is a night shot out of a taxi at the signal between Oval Maidan and Cooperage Grounds. The rain's made the road a shiny dance floor for these automobiles to show off their moves.

The one on the right is one of those old buildings on DN Road, elegantly Victorian and defiantly beautiful against the deluge of glass-and-steel monstrosities from architects suffering from acute Bandra-Kurla complex.

Picture No.3 is Cafe Basilico, lovely Italian restaurant in Colaba; Superb cannelloni and cheesecakes, up-and-coming Bollywood starlets spilling out of their very litte clothes, one single "Best of Gipsy Kings" CD playing in infinite loop.

Colaba causeway, empty-ish on a Sunday afternoon, except for a lone BEST bus, one of those fancy new Tata Starbus buses. That red makes it looks really lovely, and it can't hurt that the rains are giving it a constant cleaning!

Of the tens of thousands of taxi drivers in Mumbai, I had to find one who'd had a traumatic photographic experience. Apparently the driver of MH-02 6135 had had a passenger who was taking a lot of picture of the American Consulate which landed him in a bit of a soup with the police and scared the daylights out of Mr. Taxi Driver. So he frantically told me to put my camera away, as soon as I'd snapped this one. It's a coincidence that there's another lovely Starbus in the picture!

And now for those who REALLY want to see a full three-quarter view of a red Starbus in all it's glory I present to you, posing in front of the Tea Centre (with the driver giving me a curious look):


sanp said...

neat post. last weekend was really nice. cant wait to stroll down causeway in a drizzle again this weekend....god bless mumbai. living here is a big comfort. my sympathies to gaonwallas and badagaonwallas.

Sushi said...

Those are nice pictures of Mumbai........I don't get to see that while doing the daily commute :( least I do remember it from the days I lived in hostel in Colaba....nostalgia

Satya said...

good stuff, dude! nice photos - do u have any others? send them to me plz.

usg said...

nice pictures, the phone must have a good resolution, pictures dont seem like taken from a phone-cam..and you do love the Tata starbus dont you..

Anonymous said...

rain and rush
red starbus blush

Smith said...

@sanp - god bless mumbai, i hope everyone is okay

@sushi - the days i lived in colaba in hostel have also become nostalgia for me!

@satya - yes i have more photos, if i get down to it,i will send them to you...remind me

@usg - thanks man, yes for a phone-camera this one is pretty good, 2 megapixels, autofocus, macro mode, spot-metering, scene modes, all sorts of stuff! and yes, I love the starbus

@anon - rhyme i can't, so i shan't

Boomsa said...

That's it. Need to go to Bombay without a moment's delay.

N said...

Lovely pictures...especially loved the one of Colaba Causeway. Brought back many pleasant memories :).

The Grunge said...

Ahh Mumbai, my sweet Mumbai, I'll never leave thee.
Except when I go for my All-India Roadtrip!

Snake Anthony said...

Love the photos!