Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Missed Connections

I sat on the sand with someone at night, a long time back. We talked about a lot of things, for a long time, and I think there was chemistry, a connection. But I was not allowed to have a connection then. So there was no connection.

That was some years back. There was a connection. I think. I guess that's how it works. Everyone has these missed connections. You were probably seeing someone then. Or you thought you'd do something about it but didn't. Maybe she thought she'd do something about it and didn't as well. An inconvenient coincidence.

If life was a cheesy hollywood movie then you'd probably meet again, at the frozen-over lake at Central Park, and you'd look like John Cusack. But you don't look like John Cusack. You look like "store attendant" (number 38 in the credits) and so there's no reunion.

And one fine day when you've got a little time to yourself (a very dangerous thing), you rue them. Nothing would probably have come of them, but when you gotta rue, you gotta rue. And you form a neat laundry-list of lost opportunities in your mind and analyse it in desperate detail. If you're stupid you'll call one of them. Just don't be stupid!


The Happy Lawyer said...

Thanks for linking, dude. I haven't set up a link-list myself. It's too much effort. Maybe I can pass this off to an intern?

destination unknown said...

But the stuidity of that moment is what makes it all worth it, isn't it? For without a pinch of stupidity, and a gallon of hope, life would probably be very different.

Smith said...

@happy - but then you'd blow your cover, and the new associate who is expressing sexual interest will know that her sexual interest is available for public consumption on the world wide web and the excretory matter will collide with the air-circulation device! so i guess you'll have to do it's not much effort really

@destination unknown - the stupidity of the moment is a wonderful stupidity...but if you don't succumb to that stupidity that moment is lost in a flash, and you look back and wonder if the moment was indeed a moment...if you leaned over and kissed it might have been something...or you might have got slapped...if you didn''ll never know!

Tashmetu said...

Take it from me - do not indulge in the stupidity of the moment. It's called stupidity for a reason. And think of it this way - it lends an x factor to your life, very romantic. She's the one you think about... does she think of you? The 'what if' factor is a great ego booster - it gives you options (at least in your head) years after the incident. Whereas if you tried to kiss her and she slapped you, you'd have that to deal with for the rest of your life.
Thus speaks the most impulsive sucker for romance. Here endeth the lesson ;)

Smith said...

@tashmetu - thou thinkest as i thinkest...and actest...and therefore i am un-slapped and memory-full :-)

Ph said...

And don't call them after you have one too many to drink. Bad things always happen then.

sunsister said...

smith, dear boy, life is for living. so go ahead and do all of the silly things that you aren't supposed to do.. and don't regret them. time heals all wounds and silly phone calls will soon be nothing more than a funny, slightly poignant memory, for both of you.

simmi said...


Good to be back.

these 'stupid' moments are made of curiosity, survival, nostalgia, and love....lust for life.

I find it heroic and brave to confront possible rejection or the 'unknown', much more heroic than fighting a war,(speaking of values) and dying for the honor of your country. War is destruction, sordid pervesity and gross humiliation, devoid of any human value but greed...though we stangely enough still seem to associate it with honour!?! calling up a long lost heart throb opens up possibillites of significance, affirmation, and the sweet possibility of procreation and recreation, enabling the survival of humanity. (Reading my response, mr Orange Egg said it all,) all Im saying is MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR, and use all the stratergies you need to: including calling up a teenage sweetheart at three in the morning ten years later......Do I sound as if Im justifying my last call?

Thanks for checking up on me, have not really had oppertunity to reply...

ps. excuse my spelling