Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Magic Numbers

In a crap place like Gurgaon, to take your mind off the stupid, rude, inconsiderate people and the intolerable weather, you need things like good music, and my most recent saviours in musical guise are a bunch of guys (and girls) who walked out of a talk show for being called "fat." Fat or not, The Magic Numbers have made the nicest new record I've heard since I heard Coldplay's 'Parachutes' in February 2001 (remember, Boomsa? yup this one's at least as good!!).

60s pop meets modern rock instrumentation, CSNY meets Supertramp and Coldplay, ya I know it's lame to compare bands, but I need you to know what kind of sound to expect. The sound isn't path-breaking, but it really stands out in the noisy, electronic junk that's passing itself off as pop music these days. Many of the songs are about love and longing and the usual pop-fodder, and it works! While I don't care much about lyrics I do require that the lyrics don't jump out and irritate, and 'the numbers ' have beautifully ignorable lyrics, so that I can concentrate on their excellent musicianship. The songs are proudly melodic with some fabulous harmonies and good clean vocals. The arrangements are compact and support the melodies admirably, although a little flourish here and there might have added some zing to the record. The solo violin on 'This Love' is an outstanding exception though!

The picks of the lot are 'Love's a Game' and 'This Love', but only just...all songs are very catchy and hummable and melodic and would have worked as singles. And of course tremendous value for money, 13 enjoyable tracks in one album....woo hoo....let the good times roll!!!


Boomsa said...

I remember, my cat.
I am also pleased to announce that I have since grown to dislike that band.

Smith said...

what is it about them....everybody who once loved them, now appears to hate them....including the guy who enthusiastically introduced me to them....strange....i still like them though!!