Sunday, May 14, 2006


Same note book, different art form. Unlikely that anybody, including classmates, would find it easy to decipher entirely, but to those of you make the effort, I think it'll be worth it. (Click on the image to see a larger version showcasing the stunningly high resolution and the spectacular macro-shooting capabilities of my Fujifilm E550). The content is primarily Bappi's and mine. I think Appu might have contributed a bit. The combination of our deft drawing skills and brilliant humour will undoubtedly leave you speechless. Such a well-rounded legal education we had. (Warning: Unfamiliarity with characters such as Shondy, Monkey, Kyara, Cindy Crawford, Mogo, Scorpions, "the Scorpions", the flying sikh, Vodka, cee pee cee, "not regular tobacco", and so on might detract from the seamless user experience somewhat)

PS. Indulge me, this is just nostalgia! alternatively... abuse me in the comments section.


Nallini said...

Funny...I'm trying to kill him?

Mayuri said...

And who is 'dumb robot female'

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Now I have to hunt out those three yellowed sheets where we re-drafted the Book of Genesis while Padre Eaton susrrated sibilantly about Sociology.

Did you know that your IP shows up as "Palam, Delhi"? (Creeped you out yet? Bwuhahahaha!)


Smith said...

@nallini - is that actually you? wow! long time no see...ya i guess you're shooting you must be trying to kill/puncture him

@mayuri - dumb robot female is a fictitious character...could have been a failed attempt to draw someone else...can't really recall

@ JAP - it's a privilege sir, to have you here! and psycho-stalker IP based tracking activities are part of my 'hobbies' as well

nallini said...

Surprise, surprise, its actually me!

Sadly, even the enlarged version of the picture is not big enough to really appreciate the details. And therein lies the devil!

bugu said...

nallini, you're a terrorist

nallini said...

And u? The Pope?

Appu said...

Shoot him! Shoot him!

The prophecy must be complete!

Anonymous said...

who is nallini trying to kill??