Saturday, March 04, 2006


That's not just the title of a motherjane song, it's my latest inner-peace-attaining, simulating-the-feeling-of-being-in-a-movie activity.

What you need to do is listen...listen to every single sound that your ears are picking up...right now i am listening to my fingers typing, some people talking, some pages being flipped, a chair creaking, a vehicle honking somewhere far away, a phone ringing, the printer spewing out some paper, a pen dropping, some others typing, and a number of unidentifiable sounds.....concentrate on nothing but the sounds around you...think of them purely as sounds, disconnected from their origin and meaning....just do that for a minute or two especially when you are walking or moving things about and it feels nice, vaguely like you're in a movie! I swear.... can now call me Sri Sri Revenge of Smith.

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