Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Must watch cheese

Watched Scent of a Woman yesterday on DVD. There's a reason they make cheesy feel-good movies you know? they actually make you feel good....if they're well executed like Scent of a Woman. The character of Lt.Col. Frank Slade is sheer brilliance, and Al Pacino is outstanding. Of course subsequently he went on to do many other roles where the ghost of Frank Slade hovered above each character played by him, but we can forgive him that.

Chris O'Donnell does the male ingenue bit very well, and Gabrielle Anwar looks stunning in her brief appearance. The background music is very good, and some of the dialogue is brilliant, eg Frank Slade to Donna (after he guesses her soap by smell and she says "that's amazing")... "I'm in the amazing business"...

Conceded it's not a great movie, but it's super feel-good fun! And don't miss Philip Seymour Hoffman as the rich preppie, how far he has come!

Cheese update: One more feelgood thing, this morning I realised I could sing along with 'Thank you for loving me' by Bon Jovi, in its entirety...yes the song is a cheesy rehash of some ten other cheesy Bon Jovi songs, but the significance of it is that I've never been able to sing along with a Bon Jovi song completely before, without dropping an octave...I think all that singing along with simon & garfunkel in the car has helped....whoopee!!


vaibhav said...

Hasn't Pacino won a oscar for that movie?? Anyways - like Bon Jovi's "Always"

humdrum said...

I lovved Scent Of A Woman. Especially the last scene in the school auditorium. The dialogue is infact a piece of art. However my fav dialogue bits are from Pulp Fic and Snatch. Also lock, stock n 2 smokin barrels, and maybe kill bill, actually its the soundtrack of killbill that I particularly liked. Talking of soundtracks, that Forrest Gump has the BESTEST soundtrack EVER!!! ok, stop me, stop me NOW!Heh.