Saturday, March 04, 2006

mastadons with lasers

I am delighted and very proud to announce that in my office I now use a machine running the very brand new Pentium D 64-bit dual core processor.....I am fairly sure very few of you out there in blogland have a dual core processor powering your computer.....although i have to confess my user experience has not been mind-blowing due to a very slow hard drive....the very fact that my CPU has four fans (one on the processors, one for the SMPS, one at the back of the cabinet and one at the side) as well as a fully perforated front portion, for ample ventilation....makes me feel proud and i use Linux, for the warm it's an unbeatable combination for deriving intangible, non-material satisfaction out of your computer....

but i am warned that hyper-threading (that thing i wrote about some time back) has not been turned on, on my chipset, and if that is done, marauding mastadons will.....well....maraud out of my CPU and knock me down with blitzy lasers of computing performance....(do mastadons need lasers...i don't know)

now somebody will kill my joy by telling me they have an AMD64 athlon or something.....but until then....EAT YOUR HEART OUT single core losers!!! BUWAHAHAHA

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