Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cracking the Code

In my continuing efforts to become a North Indian so as to completely blend in with in this part of the country I have cracked the 'repeated-word-with-altered-first-syllable' Code. Let me explain for the benefit of the less neand....i mean North Indian.....'Dil Vil' 'Pyaar Vyaar' 'Love Shove' 'Pub Shub' etc.,

There's been a raging debate amongst us aspiring (sigh!) North Indians about the rule regading the use of the 'SH' syllable or the 'V' syllable in the repeated word. To this day, none of us have been able to really crack the code and all we could do is stand by and watch in meek admiration when the Choms rattled off these repeated words with instinctive ease. Enraged with envy and consumed with self-doubt, I was determined that one day I should also be able to stand tall, and be able to say 'Photo-Shoto' without a quiver of doubt. It is with unabashed pride that I announce that today is that day, the culmination of my efforts, the fulfillment of my dreams, the achievement of my ambition, I HAVE CRACKED THE CODE.

It is simple.....English = SH.....Hindi = V.....let me demonstrate


Love Shove
Pub Shub
Photo Shoto
Mall Shall


Dil Vil
Pyaar Vyaar
Chain Vain

As I write this, I am reading a msg where a friend has simply said "Tod Phod" more f***ing dreams lie shattered....where does PH fit in....will I ever fit in?.....sniff....


Boomsa said...

You are a genius, man. Shit! I never thought that it was a crackable code. Granted, I didn't think about it all that much. But now I can't stop.

Smith said...

i strive for the betterment of those less North Indian...I advocate strong affirmative action...someday i want to be known as Revenge of Smith Jr.

N said...

Hahaha :D. Thankfully, I have forgotten that code down here in the south. I have learnt the one where they attach an 'aa' or an 'u' to the last syllable of every word though.

shivani said...

this isnt anywhere close to provoking me and im afraid i wont abuse you on this one!
thats a very interesting thought albeit VERY "vela" as well(if you know what i mean..literally)
theres some hope for you yet..specially since "torh-phorh" is not a manner of speaking but is....AN ACTUAL WORD!

Smith said...

woo have made my day.....there is no PH formula theory is validated....the nobel prize awaits....(cue chorus from handel's messiah)

spyke said...

such a aaltu phaltu post...go figure

me said...

i have another one....

me said...

oh, that is supposed to be purse-vurse i guess...