Friday, February 03, 2006

Vitriol for the day

It's been said before, and I'll say it again, Gurgaon-ites can't drive. Now I could get into a whole list of things that they can't do, but that would just seem petty, so I'll stick to driving. Not only do they not have any brains, evidenced by the fact that everyday I see at least three vehicles going down the wrong side of a dual carriageway with their hazard lights blinking and their horn blaring, but also they have absolutely no consideration for their fellow motorist. While these things can be attributed to a monumental genetic tragedy which unfolded over many generations, for which they are not directly to blame, what I don't understand is how they don't even have a basic instinct for self-preservation. Bicycles and cycle rickshaws cross roads merrily in speeding traffic, with the guy riding them usually wearing a moronic expression of indifference to the traffic heading straight at him at high speeds. Then of course it's everybody else's responsibility to make sure they don't kill him and punish him for his congenital mental defects. And then you wonder whether you feel angry with him or feel sorry for his condition. They really are like cows...come to think of it...maybe that's why......naaah forget it, why offend religious sentiments and all that!


aparna said...

what happened aravinda.. did you get run over by a speeding surdi?

Smith said...

No, almost ran into a retard on a bicycle because he decided to calmly cross the main road withouth looking to see if there is any traffic headed his way. The intelligence in this place is astounding!

shivani said...

graduating from bullock carts to motor cars can't be easy...hmm..but then again if you accept can they be likened to cows!
'its a free country'justifies a lot..ive sat in your car and you're indeed its citizen