Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cellphone network collapses under mush barrage

Yesterday, the IDEA cellphone network went belly-up on account of acute VD.(thanks Boomsa) Like it wasn't enough that all mass-media and retail outlets had decided to suffocate people with mush and pink, the immense outpourings of North Indian Lurve brought this mighty network to its knees. SC calls it the valentines day massacre. All IDEA phones stopped working. No incoming calls, no outgoing calls, no nothing. From about 5 pm on February 14th till the early hours of the 15th, the IDEA network was unable to carry any voice calls. Quite amazing how these network operators can spend so much money on special Valentines Day promotions, but not enough money on beefing up their bloody basic infrastructure. If not for the fact that IDEA gives me calls for a buck a minute, I would switch to HUTCH today.

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