Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bachelor Party

Today I am supposed to go for a bachelor party for a friend who's getting married. The standing instruction being circulated along with the invite is 'bring a stripper,' a gloriously optimistic attempt to use the law of averages to ensure the presence of a stripper at this bachelor party. The belief is that if everyone makes a sincere effort to bring a stripper, then if not a profusion of strippers, there will at least be one or two. This premise has two basic flaws:

a) nobody knows a stripper (yes i agree everyone should have, along with their chemist, pizza guy, mechanic, electrician and plumber, a stripper in their address book, but somehow this concept hasn't taken off)
b) everybody will assume that somebody else will get a stripper, and therefore like a pot-luck party where everyone brings salad thinking somebody else will get better food, there will be no stripper.

So basically this bachelor party will be a bunch of guys with no stripper, and some alcohol (if someobody bothers to bring it) least if we dispense with the bachelor party title, we can invite some women!

(Thanks to SC for the deep philosophical discussion on strippers and stripper availability, which formed the foundation for this post)


sc said...'re welcome. next time we can talk about belly dancing trans-genders

Arun said...

If you, somehow, get this stripper in your address book, pass it along (stripper, number, address book, anything). You'd have, with a single sequence of perhaps not more than 10 numbers, re-written Dale Carnegie.

me said...